Events & activities


When: April 19th – December 31st
Location: Outlet Collection at Niagara

Relax and indulge in the culinary delights CURBside at Outlet Collection at Niagara. Located next to The Eatery, CURBside is home to a variety of food and beverage vendors offering our shoppers a space to eat, drink, play, relax and connect. 

Culinary Festival

When: August 16th – 18th
Location: Outlet Collection at Niagara 

Celebrate the Canadian culinary scene with our Coast to Coast Canadian Table Festival. Enjoy food and beverage prepared by locally renowned chefs and Canadian culinary celebrities at this one of a kind event.

Cirque du Soleil CREACTIVE 

When: Coming 2020
Location: Vaughan Mills

The first Cirque du Soleil family entertainment centre in Canada. This new attraction will offer a wide range of acrobatic, artistic and other Cirque du Soleil-inspired recreational activities such as: bungee jumping, aerial parkour, wire and trampolines, mask design, juggling, circus track activities, dance and more.  

Holiday Enchanted Winterland 

When: November 15th – December 31st
Location: CrossIron Mills

The Enchanted Winterland is an immersive magical wintery land, inspired by nature and the land of Alberta to amaze and dazzle. Featuring nature’s greatest light show, the Aurora Borealis, and Canada’s iconic Nordic wildlife. Join us for a thrilling quest to discover and collect animal constellations throughout the mall.